Our customer currently manages decentralized solutions for mapping rail replacement services in seven regions. The aim is to convert this into a central solution in order to achieve a uniform standard and create a modern service-oriented application architecture.

Proposed solution & architecture:

The new solution is being developed with a focus on AWS Serverless Services. Users gain access to the web frontend via centralized user management provided by AWS Cognito in combination with SSO and Azure AD. Deployment takes place via ECS Fargate and NEXT JS, the content is stored in S3. Lambda functions serve as an interface to external data sources, S3 and the Aurora Serverless RDS database.

Advantages for our customer:

The successful implementation of the central solution for rail replacement transport led to the following advantages for our customer:

Standardization and centralization

The decentralized solutions were integrated into a central application to ensure a uniform standard.

Modern application architecture

The use of AWS serverless services enabled a modern and service-oriented application architecture.

User-friendly frontend

The central management of users via AWS Cognito in conjunction with SSO and Azure AD enabled user-friendly access to the web frontend.

Efficient data processing

Interacting with external data sources, S3 and the Aurora Serverless RDS database through Lambda functions improved data processing efficiency.


The application modernization for rail replacement transport was a successful step towards improving efficiency and standardization in the management of transport services. The modern architecture and integration of AWS services have contributed to a future-proof platform. The insights gained not only serve the current implementation, but also support the continuous development of DevOps processes in the organization.


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