Some images shape and accompany us for years. This also applies to the idea that office work is mainly done while sitting. More and more people are switching to dynamic desk work. We explain how a height-adjustable desk has a positive effect on your health and what Liftor can do for you and your well-being.

That’s why your desk should be height-adjustable

You may be wondering why a desk should be height-adjustable and what the advantages of an electrically height-adjustable desk are. There are three good reasons to think about a change.

1. Height-adjustable desk enables ergonomic work

Working from home in particular shows many people that a table is not just a table, whether they are sitting on the kitchen bench or on an office chair. A kitchen table is not a desk and even a desk – whether at home or in the office – is not always ideally suited to one’s own body.

You may have chosen your desk based on your height, but even if you are the same height, not everyone is the same height when sitting. The ergonomic requirements for a desk are correspondingly individual and if your height-adjustable desk is electric, you can adapt it directly to you personally.

2. Movement – for physical balance

Anyone who repeatedly sits for many hours every day for professional reasons is not doing their body any favors. Sitting is known to cause back, neck and shoulder pain and headaches, and it’s also a risk factor for cardiovascular disease, obesity and more.

If a desk is height-adjustable, you can work comfortably at any time while standing. This brings movement into everyday working life and even a small amount of movement reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases and relieves the back.

3. Height adjustable desk good for the psyche

A height-adjustable desk can work wonders not only physically, but also mentally. If the desk is height-adjustable and can be operated electrically, even those who are reluctant to move can overcome their inhibitions and quickly raise the worktop at the push of a button. By the way, this also gives you the feeling of having more control over your workplace, which can provide real motivational boosts.

The alternation between sitting and standing also ensures that the brain reacts to new impressions, which means that you are more alert and fitter and therefore significantly more productive.

A height-adjustable desk from Liftor

If you would like to take turns working while standing in the future, you now have a wide range of options. A Liftor electric height-adjustable desk not only supports you in your work, but also in staying healthy, whether you do your job at home or in the office. So get started right away and configure your new workplace individually.


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