Automatic replies are intended to facilitate communication between companies and customers at WhatsApp Business. We will show you how to set up the function.

WhatsApp is the most popular messenger among Germans. In the meantime, however, this does not only apply to private individuals. Because many companies also use the messaging service for communication at work or with customers.

That’s why parent company Meta introduced the WhatsApp Business version. The free app for Android and iOS is intended to make it easier for small businesses in particular to communicate with customers.

Automatic reply: How WhatsApp Business works

WhatsApp Business differs from the normal WhatsApp Messenger mainly through functions such as automating, organizing and quickly replying to messages.

In addition, users of the business variant can list all important information such as their business and e-mail address as well as their company website under the company profile. Using so-called labels, they can also find and organize chats and individual messages more easily.

Faster interaction with automated replies

Various messaging tools help entrepreneurs respond faster to their customers. One feature that aims to further improve interaction is the automatic replies.

In this way, users can automate an out-of-office message or send additional information such as alternative contact options. An automatic reply should in turn have a positive effect on customers and at the same time relieve the sender of a lot of paperwork.

WhatsApp Business: How to set up auto-reply

To set up an automatic reply on WhatsApp Business, first open the corresponding app. Then tap on “More options” and “Business tools”.

Under “Message Features” you can then choose which type of auto-reply you want to set up. There you have the option of choosing between a welcome message and an out-of-office message.

Set up a welcome message

If you tap on “Welcome Message”, you can set up an automatic reply that your customers will receive when they write to you for the first time or after a long period of inactivity.

After you have activated the slider in the top right corner, you can enter a message using the pencil symbol. Under “Recipients” you can set whether the welcome message should be sent to everyone or only to certain people. Alternatively, you can also specify in advance which contacts should be excluded from receiving the messages.

If you then tap on “Save”, you save your welcome message and return to the menu.

Set up an out of office message

If you want to set up an out-of-office message, tap the appropriate tab in the “Business Tools” menu. There you then activate the slider again at the top right.

Now you can enter your message using the pen symbol. The “Schedule” function gives you the option of either always sending an automatic reply or setting a specific schedule. In addition, you can always send out-of-office messages outside of your predetermined business hours.

You can also specify who should receive the out-of-office messages. To do this, tap on “Receiver” and configure the settings according to your wishes.

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