The Microlino mini electric car is now also available in Germany. However, interested parties have to pay a steep price for it. All information at a glance.

Small and somehow egg-shaped: The Microlino was first presented in 2016 and has been rolling through Europe for two years. However, the mini electric car from the Swiss car manufacturer Micro Mobility Systems has so far avoided Germany. But that is now changing. The vehicle inspired by the BMW Isetta can now also be ordered from us.

Microlino is available in three versions

In Germany, the small electric speedster will be available in three variants. In addition to the Pioneer Edition, interested parties can also order the Dolce and the Competizione Edition.

All three variants are scheduled for delivery in the second quarter of 2023. In the coming year, the manufacturer wants to expand the range with the Urban Edition. However, this is not expected until the beginning of 2024.

Small car, big price

Contrary to expectations, the Microlino will be relatively expensive in Germany. Interested parties, for example, have to pay at least 22,690 euros for the Pioneer Edition. The other two models are slightly cheaper – they are available from around 21,000 euros.

The price is surprising, because about a year ago the manufacturer Micro offered the E-Mini for about 12,500 euros. In addition, the carmaker assured that the technical data and the price would not change.

Germany: Microlino available in two colors

The Microlino is available in Germany in two colors. It offers space for two people and reaches a maximum of 90 kilometers per hour. It also has a range of up to 230 kilometers. The battery can be charged in about four hours.

This makes the small e-racer particularly suitable for tours through the city and short trips to the surrounding area. It also offers a trunk volume of 230 liters – according to the manufacturer, enough space for about three crates of beer.

The only problem: Since the Microlino belongs to vehicle class L7e, buyers cannot apply for funding. However, they still need to have a driver’s license.

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