Project Eaden aims to produce sustainable food. The first product of the Berlin startup is an animal-free steak. There are millions for this, also from Creandum.

Like something out of a sci-fi film: Project Eaden founders David Schmelzeisen, Hubertus Bessau and Jan Wilmking (from left)
Project Eaden

Hubertus Bessau wants to know again. Together with two colleagues, the Mymuesli founder develops sustainable food with his startup. When he describes his company, it sounds almost spiritual: It’s about not giving in to desire against your better judgment. And at some point it has to be “fun to save the world”.

Project Eaden presented the prototype of a meat-free steak as the first concrete product. The Berlin startup wants to impress, especially when it comes to taste and consistency. The trio of founders has already got investors on their side: Under the leadership of Creandum, Atlantic Food Labs, Magnetic, Shio Capital, Trellis Road and some angel investors, among others, are providing the start-up with eight million euros.

The Project Eaden website: Man and nature in idyllic harmony

The Project Eaden website: Man and nature in idyllic harmony
Project Eaden/Screenshot

Specially developed manufacturing process

Bessau, Jan Wilmking and David Schmelzeisen are behind Project Eaden. Schmelzeisen has a doctorate in textile and mechanical engineering, Wilmking worked for several years in the management of Zalando. Bessau, Wilmking and Schmelzeisen want to create their food for future generations on a scientific basis, they say. The technology that Project Eaden uses makes it possible to process many different raw materials – there are no more details about the process.

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The trio does not reveal which other foods are to be produced apart from the animal-free steak. However, the founders emphasize that research into meat substitute products is particularly attractive to them, since the production of beef in particular has very poor ecological balances. The startup’s website showcases the founders’ vision to make the world a better place. An animation of a lush green river landscape with exotic and local animals stretches across the start page, while humans remain in the background.

Her message: We need to address the dilemma that many people knowingly continue to consume foods that are harmful to the environment. In the long term, according to the plan of the Project Eaden founders, there is no choice but to reduce the still high demand for meat.

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