Microsoft has developed its own AI assistant with the Copilot software. The US company wants to upgrade its Windows operating system with artificial intelligence. But: What is Microsoft Copilot and when will the AI ​​software come onto the market?

Microsoft wants to integrate its in-house AI assistant Copilot into the Windows operating system. The company announced this in an official blog post. Accordingly, the US company wants to make a first version of the software available via an update in Windows 11 on September 26, 2023.

When is Microsoft Copilot coming?

Microsoft also announced that it would integrate Copilot into its Edge web browser and the Microsoft 365 cloud platform later this year. The central idea behind it: The company wants to make the AI ​​assistant usable across platforms.

According to Microsoft, products such as web search, Office programs or operating systems should no longer be viewed as separate categories. Artificial intelligence is primarily intended to help simplify work processes and make them more efficient.

For example, the copilot reacts to voice input, can answer questions and search for information on the Internet. The AI ​​should also be able to access data from networked devices. With a command, the software can search the smartphone for information and display it in the Windows text window.

AI Assistant: What is Microsoft Copilot?

Microsoft had already announced the copilot for its Office software in March 2023. The Windows company also wants to offer the AI ​​assistant to corporate customers for $30 per user per month – in addition to the price of the Microsoft 365 subscription.

Competitors such as Google and the software company Salesforce are also working on their own AI offerings to upgrade their products.

AI assistants like Copilot should, among other things, be able to summarize content from a text and help users formulate emails or messages. Microsoft signed a multi-billion dollar deal with ChatGPT developer OpenAI for its new AI functions.

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