In this way, the video platform hopes to avert a ban in the United States. Also: Meta cuts 10,000 jobs and the new ChatGPT version should be less cheating.

Sale or IPO? Two possibilities that Tiktok management seems to be considering.

Good morning! While you slept, work continued elsewhere in the digital scene.

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Tiktok is due to his Chinese mother Bytedance targeted by the US authorities. They fear that data from US users could be tapped by the Communist Party in Beijing. In order to avoid a possible ban on the video platform in the USA, Tiktok is now considering splitting off from the parent company, according to the Bloomberg news agency. Such a step was considered as a last resort, it said, citing people familiar with the matter.

An unbundling could be achieved in different ways: For example, the platform could be sold. Alternatively, an IPO could also be considered. There was no official confirmation of the report by the companies. [Mehr bei Bloomberg]

On Founder Scene: The new startup from serial founder and ex-Zalando manager Christopher Cederskog, sun hero, recently raised ten million euros from investors. The company rents, sells and installs solar systems. With us you can see the pitch deck exclusively. [Mehr bei Gründerszene+]

And here are the other headlines of the night:

Meta After days of speculation in the media, the company has actually announced a second wave of layoffs: 10,000 employees will be cut in order to improve the “financial performance of the company in a difficult environment”, as CEO Mark Zuckerberg put it. This means that the Facebook parent company only has around 65,000 employees. 11,000 employees had already been laid off in November. [Mehr bei Business Insider und Wall Street Journal]

OpenAI has presented a newer version of its artificial intelligence (AI) ChatGPT: The voice and text-based chatbot called GPT-4 is designed to create more natural-sounding texts after extensive analysis of existing texts and images. GPT-4 should also work much more reliably and neither invent content nor sources like its predecessor. Also Google has introduced new AI functions in Gmail and Google Docs that automatically compose emails or generate summaries of documents. [Mehr bei Techcrunch, The Information, CNBC und Handelsblatt]

Uber and Lyft have won a crucial court victory: According to a California court, the companies’ drivers are not employees. This means that a regulation comes into force again that allows the transport service providers to classify the drivers as independent entrepreneurs. However, the court also overturned a provision that prevented drivers from joining a union. [Mehr bei CNBC und Handelsblatt]

The new boss of the bankrupts Silicon Valley Bank sent customers a message on Tuesday that the bank was “open for business” and ready to accept customer deposits. “If you, your portfolio company or firm have moved funds in the past week, please consider remitting some of them as part of a safe deposit diversification strategy,” wrote Tim Mayopoulos, the US deposit insurance agency FDIC has been installed as CEO. [Mehr bei Techcrunch und CNBC]

Other layoffs: The Cryptocurrency Bank Anchorage Digital laid off 20 percent of its workforce, or 75 people, on Tuesday. The company cited the volatility of the crypto market, macroeconomic challenges and regulatory uncertainty in the United States. At the same time, Anchorage emphasized that client assets held at the bank are at an all-time high and that the business continues to grow. [Mehr bei The Information]

Investment: Adept, an artificial intelligence startup, has raised $350 million. The company develops machine learning models that enable humans to interact with software using voice commands. The Series B funding round values ​​the San Francisco-based company at at least $1 billion. [Mehr bei Forbes]

Our reading tip on Gründerszene: are Germans AI top researchers, but why do we fail to build the best products? expert Vanessa Cann says what needs to happen. [Mehr bei Gründerszene]

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