ION Storage Systems receives 40 million US dollars for the commercialization of its solid-state battery. Electromobility in particular is expected to benefit from this.

Maryland-based ION Storage Systems is poised to dramatically accelerate the commercialization of a newly developed solid-state battery. The company will receive approximately $20 million in grants from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) as part of a three-year partnership. The government is using this to fund a technology that is still in the testing phase to bring it to market quickly. ION will also receive $20 million in private funding.

Part of the initiative is collaboration with global suppliers such as Saint-Gobain and KLA. The accelerated introduction of electric vehicles requires greater range, cost reductions and greater safety. ION Storage Systems has therefore developed a solid-state battery and is now boosting domestic production.

ION Storage Systems builds solid-state battery with novel 3D ceramic structure

In March 2024, ION's anode-less and compression-less solid-state batteries achieved over 125 charge cycles with less than five percent capacity loss. This represents a significant advance, as the 3D ceramic structure used in these batteries is currently based on conventional anode materials such as graphite. This makes the batteries not only safer, but also easier and more cost-effective to manufacture.

The first use of the technology is currently being carried out in cooperation with the US military. However, after testing and further developing its technology, ION would like to open up other markets such as electric vehicles and long-term storage. A company spokeswoman emphasized that the goal has always been to develop a powerful, reliable and safe battery that factories can produce on a large scale.

Supply agreements enable rapid scaling of the technology

The plan is seen as a decisive step towards alternative storage systems. After a successful pilot program, ION announced a multi-year supply agreement for ceramic powder with the multinational giant Saint-Gobain Ceramics last year. This should enable the company to scale up its own production in the short term.

ION Storage Systems has made great progress with its own battery technology in recent years. Thanks to financial support and strategic partnerships, the company is well on its way to bringing its solid-state batteries to market and thus making a decisive contribution to electromobility and energy storage.

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