Starlink Mini is a compact WiFi router that can be operated with a normal power bank. However, the device is more expensive than the previous Starlink offering. But how exactly does Starlink Mini work?

“I just set it up and am writing this post about space. Took less than 5 minutes”: This is how Elon Musk recently announced a new version of his satellite internet Starlink on X. The device is small enough to fit in a backpack, according to various media reports. Musk believes: “This product will change the world.”

Satellite Internet: How does Starlink Mini work?

Starlink Mini is a portable device that gives users access to SpaceX's satellite internet service on the go. The company has already provided ships, planes, vans, Amazon villages and rural homes in more than 75 countries with internet from space. The new module now appears to be aimed at travelers as well.

The new one is about the size of a thick laptop and weighs just under a kilo. The WiFi router is integrated directly into the device. Although it requires more energy than other Starlink terminals, it is expected to reach speeds of over 100 Mbit per second.

The set includes a device stand and a power cable with a power adapter. However, users should rarely need this. How The Verge reported that the Starlink Mini consumes an average of only 20 to 40 watts. This means that the portable satellite dish could be operated for two to three hours with a conventional power bank. All that is needed is a USB-C PD power source with a minimum output of 100 watts.

Satellite Internet to become cheaper

Delivery of Starlink Mini is scheduled to begin in July 2024 – but apparently initially only in the USA. Existing customers there will receive the offer for the module by invitation. The device will initially only be available in limited quantities and will cost 599 US dollars per unit. That's 100 US dollars more than the standard Starlink kit.

An additional data plan will cost $30 per month and include 50 gigabytes of mobile data. Those who need more can order additional data for one dollar per gigabyte. According to the corresponding support page, Starlink Mini will also be available in other markets in the future. However, it is not yet clear when this will happen.

“Our goal is to lower the price of Starlink, especially for those in the world where connectivity has previously been unaffordable or unavailable,” SpaceX said. “In high-usage regions like the U.S., where Starlink Mini places additional strain on the satellite network, we are offering a limited number of Starlink Mini kits at a higher price.”

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