Buzzfeed stock exploded recently. The surge came after the US entertainment medium announced plans to have content produced by AI in the future. The backgrounds.

Cute animals, good-looking people, and viral listings: that’s what entertainment company Buzzfeed is all about. In addition to personality quizzes, readers will also find news topics and cooking recipes on the platform.

Until now, articles have been written by human editors. However, this is set to change in the future thanks to artificial intelligence.

Buzzfeed share: Artificial intelligence should generate content

As the Wall Street Journal and CBS MoneyWatch recently reported, Buzzfeed plans to use AI from OpenAI, which also operates ChatGPT, for example. It is intended to support the media company in future content creation.

In an internal memo, Buzzfeed CEO Jonah Peretti explained that artificial intelligence will play an increasing role in the company’s operations.

AI is expected to generate content as early as 2023

According to Peretti, artificial intelligence should help human editors to improve their content. But he also sees potential for personalizing content for the Buzzfeed audience. She is supposed to create the popular personality quizzes in particular.

He also pointed out that the use of AI should move from the research and development phase to the core business as early as this year.

To fulfill the promise of our mission, we must create a stronger business foundation by implementing a forward-looking strategy. We need to look ahead and align our business with longer-term trends to take advantage of the opportunities that will arise as the recovery progresses.

AI Content: Buzzfeed Stock Soars

After all, in the short term, the company can already achieve success through the use of AI. Shortly after the announcement, Buzzfeed’s stock soared, up more than 150 percent to currently $2.52.

This is a hugely positive development for the company, as Buzzfeed stock has plummeted nearly 40 percent over the past year. In the fourth quarter of 2022, the company also reported a net loss of $27 million on revenue of $104 million — although revenue was up year over year.

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