Apple’s voice assistant often provides inaccurate and unsatisfactory results. However, you can now connect Siri to ChatGPT via the shortcut app and thus improve the results. We’ll show you how.

Apple users know all too well how frustrating Siri can be. Because the virtual assistant has a high error rate and often delivers unsatisfactory results.

Thanks to ChatGPT, however, there seems to be a solution for this. The artificial intelligence of OpenAI can be connected to Siri via a shortcut and thus becomes a supplement to Apple’s language assistant.

Shortcut: How to connect ChatGPT to Siri

To connect Siri to ChatGPT, you’ll need to use Apple’s “shortcuts”. This allows all sorts of apps and scripts to be automated and controlled by voice command. To trigger the function, you simply say the name of the respective shortcut. In the same way, you end up using ChatGPT via Siri.

1. Preparation: Set up a ChatGPT account

Before you can use the artificial intelligence, however, you have to create an account. To do this, go to the OpenAI website and register with your email address and a username.

2. Create API key to connect Siri to ChatGPT

Then log into your OpenAI account. There you can now create an API key. This is a key consisting of a cryptic sequence of numbers and letters. To connect Siri to ChatGPT afterwards, you have to copy this key.

3. Install Shortcut

The next step is to install a shortcut. After you click Get Shortcut, a window will open where you can add the new command to your list of shortcuts.

4. Rename shortcut and enter API key

It is advisable to rename the new command so that it can be called up more easily later using a voice command. To do this, go to the three small dots and then to the drop-down menu.

You can then use the “Rename” tab to assign a new name or term that you can use to activate the shortcut within Siri in the future – for example “Siri Pro”.

In the same window, you must now enter the API key that you copied before under “Text”. A little further down you can also choose what response you want Siri Pro to give you upon activation. This can be, for example, “How can I help you?”.

5. Enable shortcut

You then have to activate the shortcut. To do this, go back to the overview of all shortcuts. Then tap the new Siri Pro command. The app will now ask you how it can help you. You answer this with a short word, for example “Yes.”

It doesn’t matter what you write. This response is only for triggering the shortcut for the first time and allowing the connection to ChatGPT. After a short loading time you can then use the new command.

Enable shortcut to use ChatGPT with Siri

If you have disabled Siri voice activation on your device, you can start the voice assistant with a long press of the power button.

Now address Siri with the name or term you assigned earlier – for example, you say “Hey Siri Pro”. This should enable ChatGPT and you can direct your command to the AI.

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