For many website operators, the cost of hosting is the decisive point when it comes to deciding for or against a hoster. We will show you why hosting in Germany should not be ignored when making a decision.

What does hosting mean in Germany?

In order to be sure of whether the respective provider offers hosting in Germany, you can use two points as a guide: the location of the data centers and the location of the company headquarters. If both are located in Germany, hosting is usually available in Germany.

Because even if a German hosting provider has the data centers and the company headquarters abroad, the location of the company headquarters is decisive for the applicable law. This can be explained more easily using an example: For example, if your hoster has servers in Germany, but its company headquarters are in the USA, in the worst case the US government can also demand the release of data from German servers.

The EU is an exception here. The data protection certification is also an additional factor, which evaluates the level of data protection measures. The most common certifications include ISO 27001, IT-Grundschutz and PCI DSS.

What advantages do I have with hosting in Germany?

There are many different advantages that you have when choosing hosting in Germany. We present the most important ones below.

1st benefit: Security in data centers

Security in the data centers themselves should not be underestimated. If hosters neglect building security, this can lead to power failures and, in the worst case, to fires. At the same time, this has an impact on reliability, availability and security for customers.

German data centers usually take care of installing available fire protection measures, access control and the necessary technology to protect customer data in the event of a fire. In addition, many data centers have an on-site security guard who is permanently on duty.

2nd advantage: Strict data protection guidelines

Strict data protection rules have applied in Germany, especially since the GDPR came into force. So if a hoster operates the data centers in Germany, users do not have to worry about the GDPR. Because in these cases there is no data flow outside the EU.

3. Advantage: Good performance and better SEO ranking

With hosting in Germany, the distances to the servers are significantly shorter. As a result, users can also expect shorter loading times. This in turn has a positive impact on search engines. In the best-case scenario, hosting in Germany will ensure that your website ranks better in Google search results.

Google can also determine the server location of your website. This can also affect your Google ranking. For example, if a company based in Germany operates a website with German hosting, this speaks for relevance and added value in the eyes of Google. Among other things, potential customers can be reached more easily.

Hosting in Germany with Mittwald

Finding the right hoster for your hosting in Germany can be a challenge. For this reason we introduce you to Mittwald.

Mittwald is THE hosting partner for agencies and freelancers with a data center in Espelkamp, ​​East Westphalia. Web professionals can rely on the highest performance and security. And not only because of the latest hardware and certified security standards, but also because of the technicians who are on site 24/7 and can intervene in a matter of seconds in exceptional cases.

The Mittwald data center has been certified by TÜV Rheinland as a reliable data center (building security) and with ISO 27001 (information security).

The high single thread performance also ensures the fastest database queries and PHP script execution times at Mittwald. The multi-redundant fiber optic connection to internet nodes creates optimal latencies. In addition, Mittwald hosts your projects 100 percent climate-neutral.

If you are looking for a hoster for agencies and freelancers, where you not only get your hosting in Germany, but you can also rely on security and efficiency, Mittwald is the right partner.

Find out more about Mittwald here


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