The snooze function has long been considered an innovative feature on smartphones. But studies show that snoozing is bad for your health. Disabling the snooze function can help bring stability to the sleep cycle. We will show you how to do this in today’s “How to”.

“Only ten minutes left”: how good it feels when the snooze function allows us to turn over and snooze a little longer after the first alarm clock rings. What was initially celebrated as an innovative feature was repeatedly criticized over time.

According to science, snoozing disrupts our sleep cycle. The constant waking up and going back to sleep can be dangerous, says US sleep disorder researcher Robert Rosenberg in a GEO report.

How to disable snooze on your iPhone

Someone who is used to allowing themselves another ten minutes of rest with the snooze function messes up their brains. It then no longer knows whether it should be awake or tired. This can permanently lead to exhaustion and chronic fatigue.

According to Rosenberg, however, it can help to simply switch off the snooze function and get up mercilessly. In today’s “how-to” we explain step-by-step how you can disable the snooze function on your iPhone.

The first step is to pick up your iPhone and open the clock app. It should be installed on your home screen by default. Alternatively, Siri can help you find the application.

How to disable snooze on your iPhone. Step 1

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