Kaufland introduces a new payment method with Bluecode. In the future, it should enable customers to pay without cash or a card. We explain how the system works.

At Kaufland, customers will in future be able to shop without cash or a card. According to media reports, this should make the Bluecode payment method possible.

What is Bluecode?

Bluecode is a mobile payment solution that users can use to pay by smartphone or smartwatch. When you open the corresponding app, a blue barcode appears on the screen.

In stores that use the payment system, users can have the code scanned at the checkout to pay in this way. The method also works on certain machines and in some online shops.

Bluecode: This is how the new payment method from Kaufland works

Kaufland will integrate Bluecode into its app in the future. There the company calls the payment method “Kaufland Pay”. In order to use it, users must register in the application and enter their account details.

When they want to pay, the app generates a QR code that the staff at the Kaufland checkout scans. The amount to be paid will be deducted from the deposited account by SEPA direct debit.

Once the payment process is complete, the QR code used changes its color from black to blue – hence the name “Bluecode”. This serves as confirmation for both buyers and employees.

Bluecode: Payment method also works offline

A special feature of the payment method: it also works offline. Customers who do not have an internet connection in the store can still use the app to pay.

In addition, extra discounts, coupons and sweepstakes are automatically recognized and offset against the amount to be paid.

Bluecode already in use by other chains

While Kaufland is now introducing the payment system as a new method in its branches, other retail chains are already using the application, including Billa, Globus, Müller and Spar. The drugstore chain Rossmann has also integrated the system into its app.

Kaufland now wants to offer Bluecode in its branches from autumn 2023 after the pilot phase has been completed. The application should then not only work at the checkout, but also at the self-service machines.

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