More and more leading experts are pointing out that risks of artificial intelligence may be underestimated. They rate dangers triggered by AI as similar to nuclear war or pandemics.

A sentence with a dramatic statement

Just recently, experts on the risks posed by artificial intelligence issued a statement that was limited to just one sentence. According to their statement, the specialists refer to the following:

Reducing the risk of AI annihilation should be a global priority alongside other societal-scale risks such as pandemics or nuclear war.

Risks from artificial intelligence
Just recently, experts on the risks posed by artificial intelligence issued a statement that was limited to just one sentence | Photo: © TANATPON #567804815 –

personalities of rank and fame

For example, Sam Altman, supervisor of the ChatGPT inventor OpenAI, signed the statement. Its developed chatbot ChatGPT is suitable for formulating sentences on a comparable human level.

In addition, the appeal was also signed by researchers Geoffrey Hinton and Demis Hassabis. Hassabis is the boss of the Google sister company DeepMind, which specializes in artificial intelligence.

The impending beginning of a new age

The statement was published on the website of a non-profit organization. In the context of the statement, the experts refer to any risks triggered by AI, including the design of new nuclear weapons or the use of AI in the course of warfare.

In addition, the Center for AI Security in San Francisco warns against the spread of fake news.

The technology could accelerate the spread of misinformation. In addition, the specialists speak of an age in which mankind is becoming increasingly dependent on machines.

Beginning of a new age
Beginning of a new age | Foto: © AspctStyle #605968662 –

Increasing skepticism about AI

The statement is not the first warning of the possible consequences of an increasingly successful AI trend. A few weeks ago, another organization published an open letter signed by tech billionaire Elon Musk, among others.

In it, the initiators proposed a six-month break for the development of artificial intelligence. Everyone involved should use the break to work out new regulatory approaches for the technology. By the way, a short time later it turned out that Musk himself had already started his own AI company.


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