In the “Homescreen!” series we present the homescreens of people from the social media, marketing, media and tech industries – including app recommendations and tips for everything from to-do lists to small games in between. Today: Andreas Funkenhauser, founder and CEO of Nimmsta.

Andreas Funkenhauser has already founded three start-ups. With Nimmsta, which was launched in 2019, he launched the first industrial smart watch and wants to use it to digitize logistics.

My favorite apps

Andreas Funkenhauser: For me, the best app of the last year is clearly Pleo (for Android). With it, everyone in the company can easily pay and everyone is responsible for the bill themselves. The app is also a real gain for our accounting department. The wallet and the Apple Pay function are also among the highlights for me.

Every single workday I use Outlook (for Android), Teams (for Android), and OneDrive (for Android). These are my absolute essentials in everyday life. Outlook reminds me of every meeting and event.

I use teams to communicate with the team and organize all upcoming appointments. All data that is important for our business is on OneDrive and I access it via the app.

The home screen of Andreas Funkenhauser, founder and CEO of Nimmsta.

“For me, a good overview is part of successful work”

I find it incredibly important to structure tasks and assign responsibilities in order to be able to work efficiently. We use Jira (for Android). In the app, I can see exactly what needs to be done on a given day and what is still to do throughout the week.

I don’t just like being organized when working in a team. When it comes to personnel and recruiting, I want to have a good overview at all times. Personio (for Android) enables exactly that, which is why the app definitely belongs on my start screen for me.

On the road

The train is my number one means of transport when I need to get from A to B. That’s why the Bahn App (for Android) and the Bayern timetable (for Android) are my daily companions. During train journeys I use the Busuu app (for Android) from time to time, which I use to learn Italian.

To be honest, this rarely happens and I tend to check the LinkedIn app (for Android). This is the number one social media channel for me, but also for our business. Sometimes I also rely on a mixture of train and bike, I always do that depending on the weather and how the connections play along.

I am a passionate racing cyclist, so sometimes I can even combine hobby and job. Alternatively, I ride my racing bike very early in the morning, during my lunch break or after work – that’s my balance, which I absolutely need to perform at work. I use the Strava app (for Android) for route planning and training analysis.

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