Balcony power plants are trendy. The photovoltaic company Greenakku is now going one step further and has presented a solar system for garden fences. But how high is the energy yield?

In recent years, the prices for solar systems have fallen. The energy from the sun is now one of the most affordable forms of energy. So it’s no wonder that many homeowners are now buying a photovoltaic system. But what are the options if there is no space on the roof or balcony?

The solar company Greenakku now offers a solution. Because with a so-called fence PV set, property owners can turn their garden fence into a solar system. The requirement: The fence is in the sun and can bear the weight of the structure. Depending on the set, there are one or two solar panels for this.

Solar system for the garden fence from Greenakku

In addition, a micro inverter and the necessary mounting material are included in the scope of delivery. Basically, according to the manufacturer, installation works best with so-called double rod mat fences. On the other hand, if you have a different type of fence, you can also adapt the attachment with a little manual skill.

However, once screwed on, the panels cannot be easily removed again. As Greenakku reports, the fastening materials are theft-proof. Also worth mentioning: The solar system can only be attached vertically to the garden fence. Mounting in predefined angles is not possible.

Solar fence: Performance differs depending on the set selected

Once connected to the inverter, the system feeds the generated energy into the home network via a safety plug. The cheapest set starts at around 415 euros and contains a solar panel (335 watts peak) and an inverter (300 watts). There is a model with panels on both sides for around 435 euros, the output is then 390 watts peak.

If there are two panels (including two inverters), about 715 euros will be due. With the double-sided system it is around 800 euros. If you are interested, however, you should consider that the sets do not have a connection cable. However, this can be configured when ordering for 22 to 34 euros.

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