Google wants to adjust its terms of use. The changes are due to come into force at the end of May. We'll summarize here what exactly will change for you if you want to continue using Google's services.

Google's new terms of use are set to come into force on May 22, 2024. The US company informed its users about this in an email.

It says that the changes will “have no impact on your use of our services”. Google, on the other hand, wants to “make it clearer what you can expect when you use Google services and what we expect from you.”

Google is adjusting its terms of use

In its email to users, Google summarizes the changes to the terms of use. Accordingly, among other things, the conditions for generative AI should be adjusted.

Google is moving the previous additional terms and conditions for generative AI into the general terms of use. The US company also adds further explanations on the subject of artificial intelligence. One of the rules here is that Google does not assert any claim to ownership rights for content that was created using the group's AI-based or AI-supported services.

In addition, Google specifies in its terms of use the types of abuse and impairment of Google services that are not permitted. If such a violation occurs, Google can not only block access to its own services, but also apply other legal remedies.

Parents should take this into account

Google addresses users who have not yet reached the minimum age to manage their own Google account right at the beginning of its email. In these cases, Google has also sent the notification to the respective account and to the parents or guardians.

The company points out that parents or guardians are responsible for the actions of their children on Google services and should therefore discuss the changes to the terms of use together.

Here's how you can agree to Google's new terms of service

If you agree to Google's updated terms of service, you don't need to do anything else. When they go into effect on May 22, they will automatically apply to your account.

However, if you do not agree to the changes, your only option is to delete your account. To do this, you must delete your content and you will no longer be able to use Google services.

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