BPI CEO Christian Teichmann and his team are looking for high-growth companies worldwide.
Burda Principal Investments; Collage of startup scene

Hubert Burda Media, or the Burda publishing house, probably says something to many in Germany. The media group, which was founded in 1903, includes brands such as Illustrierte Bunte, the news magazine Focus and the television guide TV Spielfilm. Since 2015, the publishing house has also had its own investment arm – Burda Principal Investments (BPI). CEO Christian Teichmann explains in an interview with Gründerszene which companies the BPI team invests in and how founders can convince them.

10 to 20 million euros per company

BPI invests in high-growth companies worldwide from two different pools of money. On the one hand, there is an early growth platform through which BPI invests in startups during the late Series A to Series C rounds. The money for these investments comes purely from Burda Publishing. However, BPI was founded as a classic financial investor. This means that investment decisions are made by the Burda publishing house without any strategic interests. Only with the aim of generating financial profit, according to Teichmann. BPI is currently investing in these early-growth companies from its second fund. Around 10 million euros each.

On the other hand, BPI has a later growth fund with a focus on Series C financing rounds. The money for this fund does not only come from Burda Verlag. “We also take in external money,” says Teichmann. The first later growth fund from which BPI is currently investing is 250 million euros. Around 20 million euros would be made available per company.

Source: https://www.businessinsider.de/gruenderszene/business/profitieren-vom-burda-kosmos-so-kommt-ihr-an-die-millionen-vom-verlagshaus/

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