Many who used the so-called incognito mode in the Google Chrome browser assumed that they were browsing the Internet privately. But then it came out that the company was still collecting data. As part of a settlement, Google has now agreed to “destroy” millions of pieces of data.

The incognito mode in the Chrome browser suggests to Google users that they are surfing the Internet privately. Like private modes in other Internet browsers, Google says it is designed to delete all local browsing data on a device.

The mode is also intended to allow surfing the Internet without collecting account information or leaving a browser history.

Google incognito mode not private?

As early as 2022, several plaintiffs accused Google of misleading users with incognito mode. Several parties also filed suit in 2020. Despite its promise of privacy, the company collects data via the mode, but would not explain how it comes about and is processed.

In order to resolve the dispute, Google has, according to a report by Wall Street Journals have now agreed to a settlement. Accordingly, the company has agreed to “destroy” data collected via incognito mode in Google Chrome.

The settlement, recently filed in federal court in San Francisco, appears to set out some measures that Google plans to take to change its practices related to its private browsing mode.

Google agrees to settlement and wants to “destroy” millions of data

According to the court documents, Google has now agreed, among other things, to delete millions of data points that the lawsuits claim were unlawfully collected. The company has also committed to updating information about data collected in incognito mode and providing users with the ability to disable third-party cookies.

The current settlement does not provide for any general compensation for affected users. However, the agreement allows individual users to assert claims. It previously demanded flat-rate damages of $5,000 per user.

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