Google apparently pays some independent publishers to regularly publish AI articles on their websites. This is supposed to be a test of a new Google AI from which the content comes.

More and more companies are using AI tools to simplify work processes and save time. In many industries, employees therefore fear for their jobs. This also applies to copywriters, journalists and online editors. Because AI tools are getting better and better at writing texts and summarizing or rewriting content.

AI articles: Google pays publishers to publish

Like US Magazine AdWeek reports that Google is currently testing a previously unpublished artificial intelligence. Accordingly, the company has started a cooperation with some publishers who will publish AI articles on their websites.

The website operators would in turn receive up to $10,000 per year. The condition: You have to publish up to three articles every day that come from the previously unknown AI tool. The publishers can choose the topic and possible sources themselves.

AI content: What is Google's goal?

Sea AdWeeks The content does not have to be labeled as AI-generated. It is still unclear what goal Google is pursuing with this. However, the company probably wants to first test the quality of its tool and the corresponding content.

Another goal could be to find out whether the AI ​​articles are recognized as such by Google search algorithms. However, for publishers, AI tools for copy creation and editing could be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, artificial intelligence can make work processes easier. On the other hand, competition could suffer.

According to reports, the new Google AI produces articles from pre-defined sources. However, these could harm the original authors by causing a loss of traffic – with little effort. Google told Adweeks:

The speculation that this tool is being used to publish the work of other publishers is inaccurate. These tools are not intended to and cannot replace the essential role of journalists in reporting, producing and reviewing their articles.

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