In the “Homescreen!” series, we present the homescreens of people from the social media, marketing, media and tech industries – including app recommendations and tips for everything from to-do lists to small games for in between. Today: Sören Stamer, co-founder and CEO of CoreMedia.

Soren Stamer: Right from the start I want to be honest: I secretly love the feeling of checking off to-dos and rewarding myself with them. That's why I'm a fan of Apple Notes and Reminders. I document my day with Notes. To a certain extent it is my outsourced memory.

Over the years, Apple has made Notes a powerful tool. Shared notes, tags and to-dos are also ideal for teams to keep an eye on everything. With Apple Reminders, I organize my life and ours and keep an eye on important and urgent tasks.

Sören Stamer has ChatGPT on the home screen

ChatGPT (for Android) made it to my homescreen right after I started it. I particularly like to use it for research and creating initial drafts. I now prefer to go to ChatGPT rather than Google to clarify a question.

Microsoft Teams (for Android) is a must for my work. We relied on Microsoft a long time ago and then there is no way around Teams. Fortunately, usability is also improving step by step.

Life is far from just about work – that's why changing photos of my family and my four children are a constant companion on my home screen.

My new addition for a few weeks is Apple Journal. With the app I can record in a modern way what concerns me and thus “outsource” my everyday memory. With integration into Photos, Calendar and Podcasts, Apple makes it easy to capture special events and moments and to preserve them in an attractive and multimedia way, like in a journal.

The home screen of Sören Stamer, co-founder and CEO of CoreMedia.

Emails and media

A lot of things come together in my email inbox. As you can see in the photo, I have given up trying to empty them or open all emails. Interestingly, I no longer even notice the number of unopened emails.

It's also important to me not to have any messages on the home screen so that I don't get distracted. I have relegated anything that might distract me to the following pages. I use X (for Android) for news because, despite all the criticism, it is still very fast and suitable for the latest news.

I also read the New York Times (for Android) and the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (for Android) in order to understand the left-liberal and conservative-liberal perspectives on current issues.

When it comes to usability and personalization of the user experience, I'm a fan of the Tesla app (for Android). Similar to Apple, Tesla succeeds in eliminating the separation between touchpoints: the car dashboard and app always remain consistent. It is precisely this strategy of uniform user experience and personalization that we at CoreMedia are pursuing with our platform for content and commerce.

The Tesla app is a type of remote control that you can use, for example, to preheat the car or set the charging times. Service requests, software updates, navigation, streaming of the car cameras and so on – everything can be used intuitively.

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