Diversity in the tech and gaming sector has been a hotly debated topic for years. According to surveys, 54 percent of all “gamers” in Germany are female. But she rarely sees herself actually represents a large group of decision-makers. The situation is even grimmer in the tech industry – according to Strive magazine, the proportion of women there is just 16 percent.

G2A thinks it can’t go on like this. The international gaming marketplace takes a stand against long-established clichés and celebrates diversity in every form.

From retailer to international marketplace

G2A’s journey begins in 2010 as a sales platform for license keys for computer games and software. At that time, their target group was mainly young and, as the founders themselves say, not very liquid. The founders, both passionate gamers, wanted to make their favorite hobby as affordable as possible.

13 years and two locations in Hong Kong and Poland later – in addition to keys, G2A now also sells gaming electronics, gadgets and subscription services for streaming and gaming.

Since 2014, G2A has also been actively supporting YouTubers and eSports athletes. The company has already organized more than 100 eSports events. The well-known eSports teams Virtus.pro and Na’Vi are sponsored by G2A.

Diversity as a strength

The company attributes its enormous growth primarily to its openness to the rapidly changing tech market. According to the founders, technological progress cannot be stopped. It is important to continue your education and grow instead of clinging to old structures.

G2A sees a defining strength in the diversity of their company: Unlike many companies in its sector, G2A celebrates a female representation of 40 percent – with a 50/50 balance between female and male executives. According to G2A, this is what makes them so successful as the largest international all-digital seller.

With education for a common gamerdom

This desire for diversity is also reflected in their products: product licenses, software, gift cards, subscriptions and many other digital products can be found among the more than 105 million codes sold to date. To make it easier for buyers from all over the world to access their products, G2A offers 200 different payment methods.

G2A customers are debunking outdated stereotypes – the company believes gaming is for everyone. Regardless of gender, sexuality, age, nationality or skin color.

Don’t skimp on variety

On its Inclusive Games page, G2A provides facts and figures on diversity in the games industry. And: game collections on the subject of inclusion. Under the “Perfect Games for Older Adults” category, the editorial team recommends video games for seniors who are still play kids at heart.

Under “Best Accessibility” gamers also get their money’s worth without barriers. With the code “Diversity15” there is even a 15 percent discount on all categories when buying two digital products.

Convince yourself now

Source: https://www.basicthinking.de/blog/2023/05/31/g2a-vielfalt-gaming-branche/

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