The success of ChatGPT has taken artificial intelligence to a whole new level. But what is actually behind the chatbot and how does ChatGPT work?

Since its launch in November 2022, ChatGPT has been on everyone’s lips. Since then, the AI ​​chatbot has not only broken the one million user mark in no time at all, but also put the topic of AI in a completely new light.

But what is actually behind the AI ​​chatbot from OpenAI and how does a system like ChatGPT actually work?

What does ChatGPT think about itself?

The abbreviation ChatGPT stands for “Chatbot Generative Pre-trained Transformer”. The website of the makers of OpenAI says about the system that users can use it to “get immediate answers, find creative inspiration and learn something new”. The system describes itself as “a language model called ChatGPT, based on OpenAI’s GPT 3.5 architecture”.

I was developed through training on a large amount of text data to hold human-like conversations and respond to various questions and requests.

The training for the AI ​​software is always considered incomplete. Because ChatGPT keeps learning from the conversations between chatbot and human.

How does ChatGPT training work?

As with a real brain, artificial intelligence must also be trained with information. The creators of ChatGPT first trained the AI ​​system with existing texts, for example from the Internet.

ChatGPT then analyzed them. The AI ​​chatbot itself explains that it was able to develop “an understanding of language, grammar, context and knowledge”.

With this information as a basis, the system can recognize patterns in texts and thus make predictions as to which sentence is likely to come next.

Lifelong learning for the AI ​​without personal experiences

But the learning of artificial intelligence is far from over with the training from the Internet. Because the system learns from every question that users ask the chatbot.

This is the only way ChatGPT can respond to questions with a coherent answer. Because the AI ​​analyzes the question entered and tries to understand it. Using the data and patterns already collected, it can then formulate a plausible answer.

This is how ChatGPT works

The AI ​​points out that it has “no actual understanding, awareness or personal experience” itself. It is merely a tool based on “probabilities and statistics”.

Although I try to provide useful and accurate information, my answers may contain errors or be inaccurate.

The chatbot therefore also advises checking the answers received or consulting other sources. In this way, users could ensure that they receive “accurate and reliable information”.

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