As part of the International Motor Show (IAA), a team from the Technical University of Munich set a range record with their electric car. The vehicle covered a distance of 2,573 kilometers on a single battery charge.

The topic of electromobility continues to gain momentum. While there were around 83,000 electric cars on the roads in 2019, the number rose to 1.17 million on July 1, 2023. When looking at the number of cars on the road in Germany, it becomes clear that electric cars only make up 1.9 percent of the entire market.

The reasons for this are diverse. The comparatively long loading time may be a deterrent for many potential buyers. Others often criticize the range of sustainable cars. At least in that respect, things seem to be changing. A team from the Technical University of Munich recently set a new record for range.

Electric car achieves range record without charging break

Their car, named “Muc022,” covered a distance of 2,573 kilometers during a test. And all without using a socket. The team set the record at the International Motor Show (IAA) in Munich. A driver change took place every three hours over three days.

In order to be able to reproduce the results, the test drive took place in a hangar at Munich Airport. This measure protected the experiment from external weather influences.

The Muc022 battery has a capacity of 15.5 kilowatt hours. The vehicle reached an average speed of 26 kilometers per hour. The actual consumption was 0.6 kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers.

An ambitious step into the future of electromobility

The vehicle also achieved high aerodynamic values. The drag coefficient used for this was 0.159. For the experimental setup, the team was allowed to carry out marginal repair work (such as replacing cables). However, the battery had to remain sealed for the entire trip.

The current record illustrates the possibilities that electromobility already offers. However, it is still unclear to what extent the results can be reproduced in everyday life. After all, the weight of the test vehicle is relatively low at 170 kilograms. Modern electric cars like a Tesla Model 3 weigh around 1.8 tons.

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