After selling the classifieds platform, Ebay is taking local selling one step further. Because with eBay locally, the platform now also wants to boost trade in the neighborhood.

Ebay sold its subsidiary Ebay Classifieds as early as 2021. The portal has now also deleted the name of the former parent company and given itself a new look.

But Ebay apparently doesn’t want to give in to its former subsidiary when it comes to trading in the local area. The new Ebay section is intended to ensure this locally.

Buy and sell locally in your neighborhood with Ebay

The company says that more than 20 million items are already being offered on Ebay with the “pickup” option. This number is expected to increase significantly locally with the introduction of Ebay.

With its new local offering, Ebay primarily wants to appeal to people who want to buy or sell products in their local area. “With eBay Local, we are responding to the need of many buyers and sellers to buy and sell products locally online,” explains eBay’s Germany boss Oliver Klinck.

By eliminating fees for private selling since March 2023, we have successfully boosted private-to-private trading on our online marketplace.

Ebay locally is intended to strengthen neighborhood trade. For this purpose, the platform has, among other things, integrated a new page for local searches into the main page. The search on Ebay should also work better for local searches in the future.

Ebay: Classifieds alternative with online payment upon collection

But neighborly trading on Ebay locally is also concluded with a binding purchase. Buyers pay directly online using Ebay’s integrated payment processing, which saves sellers the hassle of renegotiating at the front door.

Ebay’s well-known buyer and seller protection also applies. Customer service is also available to buyers and sellers for purchases and sales made via the new section.

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