The Chinese company Nio has presented its first smartphone. The electric car manufacturer developed the Nio Phone specifically for use with its vehicles. The backgrounds.

The Chinese electric car manufacturer Nio recently presented its first smartphone at an event in Shanghai. The Android device is aimed primarily at Nio customers who have already decided on a vehicle from the brand.

Nio Phone can control electric cars

The Nio Phone has more than 30 vehicle-specific features. For example, Nio drivers can use it to control their cars remotely. This is allowed in China in limited space and at low speeds. They can also use their smartphone to unlock their car. This should work using an NFC car key even when the device is switched off.

As Nio CEO William Li said in an interview with CNBC reported that he expects at least half of Nio’s customer base to buy it. It will cost between $900 and $1,000 and is around $150 cheaper than comparable smartphones from Huawei.

So far, half of Nio drivers are iPhone users. The other half use Android devices. That should change with the new Nio Phone. “I believe that this part of users is very likely to use this new form [des Geräts] will use when they change their phones,” said Li. The new smartphone is primarily designed for connectivity with the company’s vehicles. Nevertheless, it is also available to everyone else.

Does Nio want to collect user data with a new smartphone?

CEO Li pushed the project forward, although some investors fear that the automaker has taken on too much. Reuters According to the company, the company is in a tough price war in China and is having to accept ever-increasing losses.

Experts also believe that Nio’s main interest is collecting user data. They are crucial in today’s tech world to improve user experience and strengthen customer loyalty. With its Nio Phone, the Chinese car manufacturer joins other manufacturers.

Back in March, for example, the Meizu company presented a smartphone that can be connected to the Geely brand Lynx & Co. cars. In addition, the Swedish electric car manufacturer Polestar also wants to bring a smartphone onto the market in December. Xiaomi, on the other hand, wants to start manufacturing cars.

In China, Nio is initially offering its smartphone in three different versions. Delivery is scheduled to begin on September 28, 2023. There are apparently no plans to sell it in Europe for the time being.

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