Artificial intelligence and its impact on jobs and the labor market are a much-discussed topic. But which jobs will AI really displace and which won’t? A new study now sees ten jobs as particularly at risk.

Will artificial intelligence displace jobs or not? This question is currently on many people’s minds. So it’s no wonder that new studies on this topic are constantly being published.

Just a few weeks ago, a study by the International Labor Organization (ILO) suggested that artificial intelligence creates more jobs than it destroys. But the management consultancy McKinsey assumes that twelve million people in the USA alone will have to change their profession by 2030 because of the use of AI.

The job portal Indeed has now published a study into which jobs could be particularly affected by these changes.

Artificial intelligence could destroy these jobs

There is probably no question that the use of artificial intelligence in the world of work will bring about changes. But which jobs are particularly affected here is the subject of much debate.

For a new study, the job portal Indeed took a close look at GPT-4’s capabilities and compared which tasks it could take on in the future.

For the study, Indeed analyzed more than 55 million job postings for required skills. The portal identified more than 2,600 skills in job advertisements.

Indeed ChatGPT then tested these capabilities. The aim was to find out which of the required skills the AI ​​system can take over and which cannot.

Many jobs will be partially impacted

The study suggests that every job advertised on the platform between August 2022 and July 2023 will be influenced to some extent by the use of artificial intelligence.

In around two thirds of the jobs, ChatGPT was able to take on at least half of the tasks listed. However, in 20 percent of the advertisements the rate was at least 80 percent and, according to the study results, it is precisely these professions that are particularly at risk.

These jobs are at risk from artificial intelligence

The investigations identified ten jobs that could be particularly at risk from the use of AI systems. These include delivery drivers, cashiers and medical assistants.

But AI could also replace more and more jobs in retail and customer service. Administrative employees, technicians, shift managers as well as sales representatives and salespeople are also affected by the changes in the labor market.

Cory Stahle, an economist at Indeed, agrees Business Insider However, a bit of an all-clear for some areas. Because the jobs with the most job advertisements “tend to be the least at risk”.

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