DHL and Deutsche Post have apparently switched from Google Maps to Openstreetmap for parcel tracking. There was no official announcement, but the evidence is increasing.

Customers who recently wanted to know where an ordered package was may have been surprised when they saw the DHL app. Because the look of the map view has surprisingly changed. The reason: DHL and Deutsche Post have apparently separated from Google Maps when it comes to parcel tracking.

Package Tracking: Goodbye Google Maps, Hello Openstreetmap!

Instead, the parcel delivery companies apparently use the Openstreetmap database to integrate a map service into their online offering. From now on, users will search in vain for the Google Maps map not only in the app, but also on the Deutsche Post website.

The good news: In terms of functions, the change will not change anything for consumers. Only the design of the card material is different. The companies did not officially announce the reason for the change.

Austerity measures could be a reason for change

However, it is possible that austerity measures led to the decision. In order to use Google Maps, shipping service providers have to pay license fees. How much it costs depends on the type and extent of use. However, using Openstreetmap’s data is free.

The international project has been around since 2004. The data on roads, train routes, rivers, hiking trails, forests and houses come from volunteers. They are often more detailed than the map data from commercial providers such as Google Maps.

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