NFTs have been gaining momentum in the online community in recent years. But the game developer Mojang has now decided that there will be no more NFTs in Minecraft.

NFTs have gained enormously in importance, especially in the past year. According to website, the number of active wallets has increased by around 919 percent since the first quarter of 2021.

This means that around 1.45 million crypto wallets came into contact with NFTs in the period mentioned. And NFTs have also increased significantly in the number of buyers – it has risen by around 1,489 percent. For sellers it was around 2,345 percent.

But the digital goods do not only have advocates. Game developer Mojang has now decided to ban NFTs in Minecraft.

Why should there be no more NFTs in Minecraft?

With this decision, Minecraft manufacturer Mojang wants to ensure that all “Minecraft players have a safe and inclusive experience”. Therefore, it is not allowed to integrate blockchain technologies into the structures.

Also, the content of the game, such as worlds or skins, should not be used to create a scarce digital good.

This has already happened in the past. Minecraft collectible NFTs are already in circulation. Players could also have earned Minecraft NFTs through certain activities.

NFTs in Minecraft are not compatible with the values ​​of the manufacturer

According to Mojang, the creation of NFTs creates digital property designed for “scarcity and exclusion”. This is not compatible with the “Minecraft values ​​of creative inclusion and shared play”.

NFTs are non-inclusive for the entire community and create a scenario of the haves and have-nots.

The “speculative price and investment mentality” that prevails around NFTs distracts from the focus on the game and promotes “profit making”.

Mojang wants to protect its community

The game developer also makes the big point of possible cheating. So “some third party NFTs might not be reliable”. The Minecraft developer wants to protect its players from hidden costs.

Asset managers may also be necessary for some third-party NFTs.

There have also been instances where NFTs have been sold at artificially or fraudulently inflated prices.

Mojang wants to continue to monitor the development of blockchain technology. So it could still come to an implementation at some point. However, this case should only occur if the Minecraft values ​​​​are secured and a safe experience can be guaranteed for the players. So far, however, there are no plans to bring Minecraft and blockchain technology together.

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