Every person is unique and therefore has a different anatomy. The Canadian company Formify has recognized this and is now selling a tailor-made computer mouse from the 3D printer

Ergonomics has received increasing attention in recent years. Because the corona pandemic forced many people to work from home. As a result, the demand for ergonomic office equipment also increased. But if the available devices and furniture are not enough for you, you can now have a computer mouse made to measure.

The idea came from the Canadian company Formify. This is based on the conviction that a mouse tailored to the individual can make a difference. Because if the speed at which you move across the screen doesn’t matter with Excel spreadsheets, it can make the difference between winning and losing for professional gamers.

Formify produces a bespoke computer mouse

With this, the company goes one step further than other manufacturers. Although many computer mice can already be adjusted, the shape remains largely the same. The production of a perfect mouse appears relatively easy for the user.

Formify only needs a photo of your hand. However, the palm should be visible and the fingers should be stretched outwards. A machine learning algorithm then takes over. This measures the perfect dimensions based on the picture and sends a unique assembly instructions to a 3D printer.

The printer then prints the perfect shape layer by layer. After the manufacturer has installed the electronics, the system can be used relatively quickly.

A mouse customized for you costs up to 160 euros

Specifications include an optical sensor that resolves at 26,000 DPI and a battery that lasts two weeks. Depending on the shape, the mouse weighs around 55 grams and will probably cost between 130 and 160 euros if available. The project is funded via the Kickstarter platform.

If the company collects around 27,000 euros by the end of May, supporters can look forward to delivery in December. Nevertheless, it remains to be seen whether Formify will also deliver on time. Because past campaigns have shown again and again that delivery is not guaranteed even if the financing is successful.

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Source: https://www.basicthinking.de/blog/2023/04/27/formify-maus/

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