Amazon recently announced that the cloud gaming service Luna and the Luna controller are now available in Germany. From now on, customers can stream games in console quality on their devices. All information at a glance.

Amazon is expanding its range and now also offers the cloud gaming service Luna in Germany. Customers can now stream console-quality games on their devices.

In addition to various additional offers for Prime members, the company is also introducing the Luna controller with Cloud Direct technology in Germany. This allows users to control multiple devices at the same time.

Amazon Luna: That includes the offer

Interested parties can choose from several Amazon Luna packages. Different subscriptions for three different game libraries offer titles from different genres. Prime members can enjoy a monthly selection of games at no additional cost.

Because Luna runs on Amazon Web Services infrastructure, customers can stream games without lengthy downloads or updates, Amazon said in the official release. In addition, expensive hardware or a complicated installation is not necessary.

Luna controller controls multiple devices simultaneously

Amazon is now also offering the Luna controller in Germany. The company developed it specifically for cloud gaming. It can connect directly to the cloud via WiFi to control games and minimize latency, according to Amazon.

Players should also be able to switch between different devices – for example from Fire TV to smartphones – without additional coupling or configuration changes. The new controller also works via Bluetooth.

Amazon Luna: This is how much the new cloud gaming service costs

Amazon Luna is divided into three different game libraries. There customers will find titles from various genres, such as “Resident Evil”, “Assassin’s Creed” or “Trivia Murder Party”.

  • Luna Plus: Access to games from various genres for 9,99 Euro per month
  • Ubisoft+ Multi Access: Ubisoft subscription service with access to AAA titles for 17,99 Euro per month
  • Jackbox Games: Party and multiplayer titles only available on Luna for 4,99 Euro per month

Prime customers can also use games that change every month at no additional cost. They can also link their Ubisoft Connect account to Luna and play games they have already purchased on the Fire TV or other supported devices.

Additional functions connect players

According to Amazon, Luna also has various functions that should make it easier to play and exchange ideas with friends, family and communities. This includes, for example, the app called Luna Phone Controller, which turns the smartphone into a joystick.

The Luna Couch feature connects players who are not in the same place. The live Twitch transmission, in turn, allows users to stream on the online platform and display device cameras as a screen overlay.

Amazon Luna is now available in Germany on compatible devices such as Fire TV, Fire tablets, Windows PCs, Chromebooks, Macs, iPhones, iPads and Android smartphones.

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