For its 150th anniversary, the Becks brewery is launching an AI beer. The limited edition drink was developed entirely by artificial intelligence, from the recipe to the advertising campaign.

To celebrate the 150th anniversary, the Becks brewery is launching a new beverage: “Autonomous” is a futuristic limited edition beer that comes entirely from the pen of artificial intelligence.

Limited edition KI beer from Becks

From the recipe to the packaging and logo design to the advertising campaign, every detail was designed by artificial intelligence. It is also brewed in the “Beck & Co.” brewery in Bremen, according to Becks in the official announcement.

“Millions of different flavor combinations create a beer from brewing water, malt, hops and yeast. Years of human expertise, craftsmanship and creativity were brought together by AI technology and implemented with our master brewers,” writes the brewery.

Becks only brings out a total of 450 KI beers in Germany, Italy and Great Britain. The deadline for this is April 12, 2023. However, in order to secure one of the Autonomous cans, customers should register on the official Becks homepage by email address.

Collaboration between ChatGPT and Midjourney

To design the anniversary beer, Becks Brewery used ChatGPT and Midjourney. Ultimately, however, the collaboration between the two AIs not only resulted in the beer itself, but also in the branding and advertising campaign.

According to the company, Becks is known as a pioneer in the world of beer. It was the first brewery to use green bottles and introduced the 6-pack. Now the brand is experimenting with artificial intelligence for the first time.

Becks wants to continue using AI for beer brewing in the future

According to Becks, the anniversary beer is only the beginning of the AI ​​brewery. Because Autonomous shows how artificial intelligence and humans can work together to revolutionize the beverage world.

“At Becks, we know it takes the passion of our brewers and staff to create this beer that’s enjoyed around the world,” said the beverage maker. Also, this is just the beginning of more exciting developments to come. Because before the end of this year, the company wants to introduce a new packaging design made by AI that was inspired by the anniversary experiment.

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