Apple introduced some new products at its May 2024 event. In addition to new iPads, the company also presented the M4 processor, a super-fast AI chip. An overview.

Apple iPad Air: Now also in large

The iPad Air has been relaunched for 2024 and has gotten some new features. The biggest innovation is the size: In addition to the already available 11-inch version, the iPad Air is now also available in 13 inches. There is now an M2 chip inside, which, according to the manufacturer, should be almost 50 percent faster than the M1 chip in the previous iPad Air.

The camera above the screen is now arranged horizontally, which should be much more manageable for video conferences or video calls. The new iPad Air is only available with at least 128 gigabytes of internal memory, but now also with up to a terabyte. The new Apple Pencil Pro is also supported, but must be purchased separately.

The iPad Air 2024 is also available in 13 inches for the first time. (Image: Apple)

Prices start at 699 euros for the small version and 949 euros for the large model. In addition to the classic black, there are yellow, green and blue models. It can be pre-ordered now and will be delivered from May 15, 2024.

iPad Pro: Thinner, faster, OLED

The new iPad Pro models were the highlight of the Apple event. The new model is significantly thinner than its predecessor (5.3 millimeters) and is therefore the thinnest Apple product of all time. The iPad Pro is again available in an 11-inch and a 13-inch version – in white and black. As with the iPad Air, the front camera now sits horizontally on the device, and the new Apple Pencil Pro can be magnetically attached to the frame above it.

Apple, iPad Pro 2024

The new iPad Pro has an OLED display. (Image: Apple)

The screen of both iPad Pro models has also been renewed. This is what Apple is now calling this “Ultra Retina XDR Display” because the new models are the first with OLED technology. To be more precise, there are two “tandem OLED screens”. This allows a maximum brightness of up to 1600 nits to be achieved.

For the one and two terabyte models there is also a nano texture for low reflections on the screen for 130 euros. The iPad Pro loses its ultra-wide-angle camera from the previous model, but retains its 12-megapixel wide-angle camera and LIDAR sensors.

M4 chip: First in the iPad Pro

Inside there is a completely new processor, the M4 chip. The processor is manufactured using a three nanometer process and focuses heavily on the Neural Core Engine. This should allow it to run AI applications significantly faster than its predecessor. Apple cites a figure of “38 trillion computing operations per second”.

The chip is built with up to ten CPU cores and ten GPU cores (9 CPU cores for the 256/512 GB iPad Pro, 10 for the 1/2 TB versions). Apple promises up to “50 percent more CPU performance compared to the iPad Pro with M2 processor”.

M4 processor event

The Apple M4 processor places a strong focus on AI. (Image: Apple)

The company has also introduced a new Magic Keyboard just for the iPad Pro, which now includes a bar for the function keys. There should be significantly stronger feedback when clicking with the touchpad. With this, Apple wants to bring the device closer to the MacBook.

The iPad Pro starts at 1,199 euros for the 11-inch model and 1,549 euros for the large 13-inch version. You can pre-order now and the new models will be delivered from May 15, 2024.

Apple Pencil Pro: More features, faster finding

The Apple Pencil Pro works with the new iPad Air and iPad Pro and costs 149 euros. The stylus can now be pressed so that a menu appears on the iPad for quick access to functions within an app (if supported). A haptic motor provides slight feedback when the pen is pressed.

Apple Event, Apple Pencil Pro

The Pencil Pro has haptic feedback. (Image: Apple)

The pen can now also be rotated to move objects in 3D applications or to adjust pens. The Pencil Pro is also compatible with the “Find My?” network and should therefore be easier to find. The pen is charged magnetically on the iPad Air or iPad Pro.

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