AI tools are turning parts of our working world upside down. Exactly what these changes will look like is a much-debated topic. But artificial intelligence will not only displace certain jobs in the future, but also create completely new ones.

The industrialization or technologization of the world of work has displaced certain professional fields in the past. This is also likely to apply to the currently rapidly growing area of ​​artificial intelligence.

But it's not just certain areas of responsibility that are becoming obsolete. The creation of new areas of responsibility also goes hand in hand with these changes on the labor market.

Jobs in the field of artificial intelligence: number one

This year, the market research company Lightcast counted more than 10,000 job advertisements in which artificial intelligence played a role. This is an increase of 1,848 percent compared to the previous year.

AI is already changing the world of work, and the number of AI jobs is constantly increasing. One of these new jobs created by artificial intelligence is the AI ​​prompt engineer.

This could become the “Job of the Year 2024”, as James Neave, Head of Data Science at the job search engine Adzuna, told us Business Insider explained.

This job didn't even exist before generative AI came into the spotlight, and now companies are desperately looking for employees who can make the most of new technologies.

In this professional field, AI systems are trained. An AI prompt engineer asks questions of AI chatbots and tests their response behavior. Of course, the goal here is always to improve these answers.

→ Here you can find open positions in the field of artificial intelligence.

These AI jobs could also emerge in the future

Another career field in the field of AI training could be data curators and trainers, according to a report from the World Economic Forum. You are responsible for ensuring that AI models are trained with meaningful data packages.

“Assessing data quality and integrity is critical and will lead to the development of a dedicated, specialized workforce,” the World Economic Forum report said.

The optimization of AI tools is not just the focus of this job. Interface and interaction designers will therefore increasingly come to the fore. Thanks to their work, AI systems are becoming more user-friendly and therefore accessible to a wider audience.

Another new job could be AI content creator, according to the World Economic Forum report. In the future, these would be able to “quickly create in-depth content on a topic in any area or domain”.

The fifth professional field concerns the area of ​​monitoring AI systems. Accordingly, those responsible for ethics and governance could in future be increasingly involved in reviewing AI tools before they are published.

→ Here you can find open positions in the field of artificial intelligence.

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