In the “Homescreen!” series, we regularly present the homescreens of people from the social media, marketing, media and tech industries – including app recommendations and tips for everything from to-do lists to small games for in-between times . Today: Daniel Stump, Co-founder and CSO the health platform Machtfit.

Daniel Stump: Machtfit is a digital company that offers an online platform for holistic corporate health management (BGM). We increase the usage rate of the offers through individualization and thus contribute to more motivation and fewer days of absence.

Organizing myself digitally is therefore a matter of course for me. My smartphone is a natural instrument in my everyday life and I integrate it as a useful tool – at work and at home.

Daniel Stump: Start the day well informed

I am a passionate athlete and like to start the day well-informed – also when it comes to my body: As soon as I get up, the first thing I do is take a look at my Garmin Connect app (for Android). It shows me my health and sleep data such as resting heart rate, stress score, sleep score and heart rate variability.

This information helps me control my training and allow enough space for recovery to avoid overwork and illness. To keep track of my training plan, I then look at the V.O2 app (for Android). Here I can see which session my trainer recommends for the day – be it running, strength training or yoga.

I can use the app to track my performance and share the data with my trainer. Of course, I don't mind if a rest day pops up every now and then. Especially when my weather radar shows me rain. It is also important to me to keep my finger on the pulse every day. The news situation influences the mood in our society and our mental health.

As the CSO of a company committed to a healthier world of work, I want to understand what's affecting people right now. My media mix for current news therefore consists of the apps from Handelsblatt (for Android), the Tagesschau (for Android) and the radio station COSMO (for Android). In addition, I often listen to the podcast “0630″ while tidying up or doing the dishes – so I can kill two birds with one stone, do something around the house and stay up to date.

The home screen of Daniel Tunggul, co-founder and CSO of the health platform Machtfit.

Health in focus: Between working out and resting

If you continue to look through my smartphone, you will quickly discover a strong focus on health. As co-founder of Machtfit, our own app (for Android) is of course a central part of my smartphone use.

Here I not only book health measures and products, but also register for internal events such as the company run, our intermittent fasting challenge or the summer festival. This year I have already tried out a few new measures using the app: a juice fasting regimen, workouts at Beat81 and a day ticket at Holmes Place were included.

I am convinced that health is a combination of many different factors. Mental balance is just as important as a balanced diet and physical fitness.

For healthy balance and relaxation, I regularly use the apps Skill Yoga (for Android) and Waking Up (for Android). Short “No Sleep Deep Rest” sessions or meditations help me recharge my batteries.

Strategic app management: More focus, less distraction – with one exception

In order to give one hundred percent at work, you need sufficient concentration and focus. On the one hand, the app for notes helps me with this. I capture ideas and quick thoughts immediately and can come back to them later.

I also consciously reduce content that distracts me. Most recently, I deleted Instagram and I'm also giving up TikTok. I am convinced – tongue in cheek – that these apps were developed by very smart people who knew exactly how to capture our attention.

For me, simply not having the apps on my smartphone is the easiest way to avoid having to resist them. What is not there is not consumed. This allows me to consciously stay away from distractions and integrate more focus – and productivity – into my everyday work.

I also follow the same principle in my role as a father: For some time now, I have been leaving my smartphone at home whenever possible when I am out and about with my family. I want to spend time with my children consciously, without digital distractions.

The ordered chaos by Danuel Tunggul

My penchant for orderly chaos is also reflected in my smartphone organization: apps that don't convince me after the first one or two uses are thrown out again. The rest remains in the usual order and is not rearranged. Otherwise I end up desperately searching for the app I want.

Although I try to practice mindful smartphone use with few distractions, I also have a guilty pleasure: Kickbase (for Android)! Whether because of my former sports career or my general love of football, the Football Manager game is absolutely addictive for me and brings me together virtually with my friends by playing together. This way I can take a different kind of time out.

Daniel Stump: My digital personal assistant

In general, my smartphone supports me in various areas of life – when working with apps like Teams (for Android), Outlook (for Android) and Slack (for Android), knowing what's going on in the world or during my regular training sessions.

In my various roles as an athlete, CSO and co-founder, my smartphone becomes my little personal assistant that makes my everyday life easier. Life without it would be difficult for me. At the same time, it is also important to me to consciously spend time without a smartphone and to create a balance with the digital world.

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