Bill Gates believes a 3-day week is possible. While the four-day week is still being discussed in the world of work, the Microsoft founder is predicting a new world of work. One of the main reasons: artificial intelligence.

While the 4-day week is currently being debated in many places, others are already thinking one step further. This also applies to Microsoft founder Bill Gates, who even believes a 3-day week is possible. The billionaire said this in a conversation with the American cabaret artist and presenter Trevor Noah on his podcast “WhatsNow?”.

3-day week: Bill Gates believes in a new world of work through AI

When asked whether and to what extent artificial intelligence threatens jobs, Gates said that a time may come when employees “don't have to work so hard anymore.” He added that one day there would probably be a society in which it would be okay to only work three days a week.

Machines would then produce food and other products, meaning people would no longer have to work five days a week, Gates said. The billionaire once said that artificial intelligence poses risks if it is misused.

How is artificial intelligence changing the world of work?

But AI technologies could also bring about positive changes. He does not believe that the impact on society will be as dramatic as that of industrialization. But they are certainly comparable to the introduction of the computer.

Word processing programs have not eliminated office work, Gates said in his blog Gatesnotes. But they changed them fundamentally: “Employers and employees had to adapt, which they did.” According to the Microsoft founder, AI would not only revolutionize office activities, but almost the entire working world.

In the next few years, AI will primarily help people do their jobs more efficiently. This applies to working in a factory as well as working in an office.

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