Do you have a melody in your head but can't remember the title of the song? Then you can now search for songs using YouTube Music. However, this currently only works with Android smartphones.

In the past, if you heard a song on the radio and really wanted to find out the title or artist, you had to hope that this information would be announced after playback. Nowadays, with Shazam, Google and Co., there are numerous ways to identify a song.

In the future, you will even be able to search for a song on YouTube Music. You don't even have to play it, you can hum, sing or whistle it.

How to search for a song on YouTube Music

YouTube Music has also received a new button for the new feature. This can be found next to the search bar.

If you are unsure whether YouTube Music already includes the function for you, you can tell by the newly added symbol. It is a waveform that is now integrated to the right of the microphone symbol.

If you click on this waveform, the new search function on YouTube Music will open. Here you can then search for the song you are looking for by either singing, whistling or humming it.

If you are listening to a song on the radio, you can also play it to the app at this point. It works in a similar way to what you might be familiar with from Shazam.

New feature currently only for Android

However, the new YouTube Music feature that allows you to search for songs in this way is currently only available for Android smartphones. iPhone users will probably have to wait a little longer.

But how The Verge reported, users of the iOS app discovered the waveform in their search bar back in March of this year. So it's highly likely that Google will make the feature available for iPhones soon.

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