Shortcuts and key combinations can make our work on the computer easier and run processes faster. We have put together the most important Windows shortcuts for you.

Computers have changed the way we work drastically. Thanks to endless further developments, many processes have been automated over the years. We now use a wide variety of functions quite naturally to navigate through programs.

With all the technical possibilities, however, many users have only scratched the surface so far, could work even faster and save a lot of time in the process. To do this, however, you need to know a few tricks.

Windows Shortcuts: Type as fast as the pros

Anyone who has ever watched computer specialists at work knows that they move across the user interface of PCs at breakneck speed.

One of the tricks here: shortcuts. These are keyboard shortcuts and combinations that offer an alternative way of executing commands that are otherwise only possible with the mouse.

Shortcuts: How Windows users use their device more effectively

With shortcuts, users can control computer programs more quickly, open or close windows more easily and simplify processes – and all this simply with the help of certain key combinations.

To make life a little easier for Windows users, we have put together the most important shortcuts in a clear manner. All combinations also work equally well with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge.

Windows Shortcuts: You should know these key combinations

  • STRG+C: Copy selected content
  • STRG+X: Cut selected content
  • CTRL + V: Paste selected content (this must first be selected with e.g. Ctrl + C)
  • Windows + Tab: jump between windows (open task view)
  • Windows + L: locks the screen
  • CTRL + Alt + Del: Opens an emergency menu (especially useful when the PC hangs)
  • Windows + D: Show and hide desktop
  • Windows + up arrow: maximize window
  • Windows + down arrow: Minimize window
  • Alt + F4: closes the program
  • CTRL + T: open new tab
  • CTRL+D: Bookmark the page
  • STRG + W: close tab
  • CTRL + R or F5: Reload webpage
  • STRG+L: jump to the address bar with the cursor
  • CTRL + Plus: Zoom in
  • CTRL + Minus: Zoom out
  • CTRL + 0 (zero): reset zoom
  • F11: Activate full screen mode
  • CTRL + Z: undo action
  • CTRL + P: Press
  • STRG+S: save document
  • STRG+A: select all
  • CTRL + F: seek

Here’s how to take a screenshot using a Windows shortcut

Depending on which Windows computer you have, you have different options for taking a screenshot.

  • Windows + PRINT
  • Windows + Fn + Spacebar
  • Windows + Shift + S

Of course, this overview of shortcuts for Windows only includes the most important key combinations. Microsoft hasn’t published a long list of other helpful combinations either. Here we tell you which shortcuts are available for the Mac.

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