If you set up an e-mail address with a provider, you must expect that the provider will have access to the data. A separate mail server ensures more independence. We will show you what the advantages are and what you should consider when setting it up.

Almost everyone uses an e-mail address these days, both privately and for business. By default, most of the well-known and large e-mail providers use to receive and write messages. What many people don’t think about: The emails are stored on the provider’s server until you delete them.

On the other hand, if you are looking for more independence and security, your own mail server is a good alternative for you. Once this is set up, your messages are usually better protected.

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What are the advantages of having your own mail server?

Having your own mail server has clear advantages for the owners. Above all, the greater protection of personal messages, whether private or business. In addition, users are no longer dependent on the settings or restrictions of the providers, for example with regard to storage space or e-mail attachments.

However, the independence from the provider is also reflected in the fact that users have less trouble when there are tariff changes or they do not have access to the messages due to server failures.

When does it make sense to operate your own mail server?

Basically, having your own mail server is suitable for anyone who wants more control over their own emails. Especially if users do not want anyone but themselves to have access to the messages.

A separate mail server is also useful if several mailboxes are required, such as in a small company. Here, superiors as well as all employees can have access to their own mailbox on the mail server.

Own mail server – what are the requirements?

Operating your own mail server is not complicated in practice. In the first step, you need a suitable computer for operation. Here it makes sense if you decide on an energy-saving model. Then it is important that you ensure enough storage space, as well as a reliable power supply and internet connection.

To avoid your mails being marked as spam in the future, you should give your device its own IP address. This automatically makes your daily work easier.

When should you use a mail server with your own domain?

Having your own mail server has a big advantage, especially for business: You can also use it with your own email domain. This ensures a high recognition value of your company, but at the same time also for more professionalism.

A mail server with its own domain also has the advantage that you can connect multiple mailboxes. So on the one hand your mailbox and that of your employees, but at the same time your private mailbox.

How do you ensure the security of your own mail server?

Security should be the top priority when running your own mail server. Only then can it be ensured that no unauthorized persons have access to your data and messages.

Secure passwords and regular checks are not the only things that ensure optimal security. You should also perform backups and ensure regular updates. This is the only way to ensure that your messages are permanently protected.

Extratipp: In the business sphere, e-mails must be retained for specified periods. In order not to have any problems here, professional e-mail archiving is helpful.

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