With the BioHome3D, the University of Maine presented a wooden house made from a 3D printer that can be fully recycled using sustainable materials. It could help to alleviate the housing shortage to alleviate.

Big changes are currently taking place in the construction sector. The materials and methods currently used usually emit large amounts of greenhouse gases. As a result, new alternatives for the houses of tomorrow have been developed in recent years. One example is the 3D printing of entire single-family homes.

A few months ago, the Advanced Structures and Composites Center (ASCC) at the University of Maine unveiled the BioHome3D, the first 3D-printed wooden house made entirely from bio-based materials. The technology could help alleviate the housing shortage and combat climate change.

BioHome3D: 55 square meter wooden house from the 3D printer

The prototype house has an area of ​​55 square meters and consists of 3D-printed floors, walls and roofs made of wood fibers and bio-resins. It is fully recyclable and has excellent insulation. Thanks to the precise printing process, the team almost completely eliminated construction waste. The BioHome3D consists of four modules.

After transport to the destination, specialists assembled it within half a day. Power and water were supplied within a few hours. The approach shows the potential for faster and more efficient housing creation. The biomaterials used are 100 percent recyclable, so future generations can fully utilize the house.

New manufacturing method brings new jobs to the region

Currently, project participants are monitoring BioHome3D's performance using sensors. The data collected will help improve future designs. With the opening of the Green Engineering and Materials (GEM) research facility, the ASCC aims to further expand advanced manufacturing research in home construction.

GEM will then serve as a center for AI-supported large-scale digital hybrid manufacturing and is intended to promote economic recovery in Maine. The new manufacturing method will create dozens of new jobs for engineers and computer scientists.

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Source: https://www.basicthinking.de/blog/2024/06/16/biohome3d-haus-3d-drucker/

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