With the Downpour app you can create your own smartphone games in just a few minutes. You don't even need any programming knowledge. We'll tell you how it works.

The gaming industry is booming and will probably generate sales of 258.10 billion euros this year alone. But you don't always need a development studio or even programming knowledge to create entertaining smartphone games.

This is now demonstrated by the Downpour application. This is a smartphone app that allows users to create their own games in just a few minutes. Unlike other tools that often require extensive training, Downpour enables the creation of interactive content without extensive technical know-how.

Downpour: Create your own games with a smartphone app

The games created with Downpour are based on individual scenes into which users can place images and text. Individual areas within a scene can then be marked. Users can then go to the next scene by clicking.

The concept opens up a variety of possibilities for creating quizzes, search games or interactive stories. Downpour is characterized by a low entry barrier. The app provides a selection of example projects that make it easier to get started. The goal is clear: users should be able to quickly develop their own games.

You can also use your own images

The app is also suitable for joint game development with children. The camera function makes it possible, for example, to photograph painted images. These can then be used directly in the game as a texture. It is also possible to share your own creations with other users within the app. All you need is a free account.

Created games can also be played via the web browser. If you don't want a user account, the app offers an export as a ZIP file. Basically, all content is based on HTML and can therefore be interpreted by any browser. The Plus version for 5.99 euros per month also enables the integration of external links and a higher upload limit. Downpour is available for Android and iOS.

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