There is hardly anything more annoying than a slow or unstable internet connection. However, this happens all the time, especially when it comes to WiFi. We show you some tools to improve your WiFi.

Constant Internet access – a luxury that we no longer want to do without these days. However, frustration arises from time to time, especially when it comes to WLAN. Poor reception, a slow connection and other disruptive factors sometimes make surfing the Internet a test of patience.

Slow WLAN is particularly noticeable with large amounts of data

Slow WiFi is particularly noticeable when you want to download large files or stream films and series. Even people who like to play online games know the problem well.

However, the WiFi connection can be improved here and there. Even if the end device does not offer an extra socket for an external LAN cable. Because online tools can help to improve Internet reception.

Improve Wi-Fi: Online tools can improve reception

So that you don’t have to worry about an unstable internet connection as often in the future, we have put together some online tools for you that can help you to improve your WiFi reception.

WLAN card leads to the best reception

The online tool Ekahau Heatmapper shows you on a map where you have the best WiFi reception in your apartment or house.

After installing the program, you simply walk through your four walls and test your connection. The tool helps you to find the perfect position for your router and end devices.

Improve WiFi with a different radio channel

WiFi analysis tools such as Homedale, WiFi-Scanner or Xirrus WiFi Inspector can help you to check whether your wireless network and that of your neighbor overlap.

You can then select another channel that is as far away as possible in your router menu. This should make your WiFi connection faster.

Read WLAN information

the tools WirelessNetView gives you the opportunity to call up information about available WLANs. The program runs in the background and monitors the wireless networks around you. The tool also shows you all active wireless networks and their signal strength.

Turn off the pre-installed WiFi throttle

computer picture offers one WLAN-Booster with which your notebook can surf faster. The program changes the speed level of the wireless adapter chip in the mobile device so that it works at the highest level when the notebook is running on battery power. This is less energy-efficient, but faster.

Overview of network connections

the tools Acrylic WiFi Home helps you get an overview of the speed and security of multiple WiFi networks. To do this, you can mark a wireless access point in the program. Several color bar ratings then light up.

Improving WLAN: This is how you turn your PC into a router

Sometimes the WiFi connection slows down or fails completely because the distance between the router and the end device is too great. So-called repeaters can help to avoid this. These are WiFi extension bridges that increase the range of the wireless signal.

There is also the option of using your own PC as a WLAN Internet access point. Your Windows operating system shares the Internet connection with on-board resources via the command line.

It’s even easier with Connectify Hotspot: The tool has a graphical interface and creates a hotspot using an existing LAN or WLAN Internet connection.

The program works in a similar way MyPublicWifi. Although the tool is less common, it does not display ads in the user interface.

Improve WiFi with Internet Speed ​​Test

If the WLAN is slow, it can also be caused by your provider. To be on the safe side, it is advisable to first carry out a speed test of your internet connection.

With a DSL speed test you can find out how fast your data is transmitted over the corresponding Internet line. If you find that your data transfer is slower than promised, you should contact your provider.

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