The notebook is now much more than just a work tool. We use it as storage for important documents, pictures and videos that we don’t want to lose under any circumstances. But is the data permanently protected? We will introduce you to Synology C2 Backup and show you how proper protection of your Windows devices works and how you can test the software for a full 30 days free of charge.

We store different things on our devices every day. These include very important documents such as insurance documents, application documents, certificates, references and contracts. In addition, valuable memories such as holiday, family, children’s photos and video recordings. In addition, many of us use the calendar to record important dates.

Even though our devices are so important for data storage, too often we rely on the fact that nothing will happen. This happens far too quickly and often. For example, if the devices are damaged or simply no longer work, if the product is lost or stolen, as a result of a ransomware attack or if it is operated incorrectly.

So what is the reason why few people adequately protect their Windows devices? This is primarily due to a lack of know-how. In addition, many of the owners simply have no desire or time to deal with the supposedly complicated topic of data backup. In addition, the usually high costs are often another reason not to look for a sustainable solution.

The solution: Synology C2 Backup

Synology C2 Backup is cloud-based data loss prevention software. The special feature compared to comparable products: Users have the option of protecting as many Windows devices as they want.

How does Synology C2 Backup work?

After the one-time setup, Synology C2 Backup automatically backs up system, software, files, folders, and even external drives. This backup is done in a variety of ways, including scheduled or event-driven, such as at a specific time or when the device boots up.

Thanks to the targeted recovery, it is possible in an emergency to quickly and easily restore the contents of the entire computer (bare metal restore), or just individual files or folders.

The management of backups is also child’s play thanks to the software. The users decide when data should be backed up and how many backup versions should be kept, entirely as needed.

All users receive private keys to protect the backups. All data is encrypted on the client side using AES 256-bit encryption before uploading to the C2 servers.

In contrast to other cloud solutions such as Google and Co., only servers in Germany are used for German users in the European plan. It is possible to create GDPR-compliant backups. So if you attach great importance to data protection, you will get the optimal solution with Synology C2 Backup.

Try Synology C2 Backup now for 30 days free of charge

The one-click solution makes setting up Synology C2 Backup quick and easy in just a few clicks. The software is a hassle-free and time-saving solution for fully backing up all Windows devices.

Synology C2 Backup stands for easy backup of all content and system settings – and it’s affordable, quick to set up and completely hassle-free. You don’t need any IT knowledge, because the software can be set up in just a few minutes. You currently have the opportunity to test the software for a full 30 days free of charge, after which the fees start at EUR 3.49 per month. If you decide directly for the annual subscription, you pay 34.99 euros per year and save a total of 16.5 percent!

Test it 30 days for free


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