AIs can answer emails, process customer inquiries, write code. And what are you good at?
picture alliance / dpa | Frank Rumpenhorst

After the first fascination, the horror sets in for some: What AI like ChatGPT can do is impressive. Funny too. Helpful. For example, the artificial intelligence of OpenAI can, if not know the top secret recipe for Coca Cola, at least guess it. She can explain how to build a virtual storefront in the Metaverse. She knows who won the women’s long jump at the 1984 Olympics. Some people use AI to make decisions: “Should I spend my next holiday in Cape Town or in Bali? List the advantages and disadvantages.” Do it, the machine. On request, she also tells jokes and fairy tales and invents poems.

As a language model, I primarily help with tasks such as translating and creating texts and answering questions. I can help with research, writing, and editing, but I cannot replace the creativity and unique perspective that a human writer brings to their work. Think of me as a resource to assist you in the writing process, but not as a substitute for your skills and talents.


(when asked if AI will steal my job)

But what ChatGPT can also do: create blog posts. answer emails. Process customer inquiries. Write press releases or code. Tasks that quite a few people are paid to do these days because they are an essential part of their job.


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