Deepl is currently one of the most well-known translation tools. Although there is a free version of the software. If you don’t want any restrictions and more functions, you have to take out a paid subscription. These are the costs for Deepl Pro at a glance.

Since August 2017, users have been able to use the Deepl translation tool online free of charge to have texts translated quickly and easily. Since its market launch, the program has enjoyed growing popularity and has become an integral part of many people’s everyday lives.

The paid version Deepl Pro followed in March 2018. Subscribers receive an optimized web translator, can integrate algorithms into translation software and create new apps and services with the Deepl API. In addition, the software can execute over 800 translation combinations from a wide variety of languages.

Deepl Pro costs: How expensive is a Deepl subscription?

While users of the free version can only have a maximum of 1,500 characters translated at a time, Pro subscribers have no length restrictions. The volume and number of characters per translation are unlimited.

To save more time, they can also have entire documents translated without having to change the original formatting. They also have the option of adapting the results of the Deepl translator to their own requirements. The company also promises the highest data protection standards. Texts would be deleted immediately after translation.

Was kostet Deepl Pro?

If you want to use the advanced functions of Deepl Pro, you can choose between different subscriptions. Individual users and teams can choose between the Starter subscription, the Advanced package and the so-called Ultimate subscription.

There are differences in the number of document translations included per month, the maximum file size and the scope of the glossary offered. The Advanced and Ultimate options also come with Single Sign-On (SSO) and CAT tool integration. In addition, all three packages can be managed in a team.

Deepl Pro costs: This is how much a Deepl Pro subscription will cost in 2023

  • Deepl Pro Starter: Five document translations, a maximum of ten megabytes and a glossary with 5,000 entries for 7.49 euros per user per month.
  • Deepl Pro Advanced: 20 document translations, maximum 20 megabytes and 2,000 glossaries with 5,000 entries each 24.99 euros per month per user.
  • Deepl Pro Ultimate: 100 document translations, maximum 20 megabytes and 2,000 glossaries with 5,000 entries each 49.99 euros per user:in per month.

Subscribers can use the Starter and Advanced packages for 30 days free of charge. You can also pay for all three variants either monthly or annually.

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