What future do we actually want? This central question will be the focus of this year's 48forward Festival. On April 29th and 30th, 2024, the Old Congress Hall in Munich will be a meeting place for innovators, visionaries and entrepreneurs from all over the world. As a media partner, we have an overview of the most important information for you.

The 48forward Festival is considered by many to be a key event for thought leaders and future designers. It opens its doors on April 29th and 30th, 2024. This year the meeting will take place again in the historic Old Congress Hall in Munich, where the participants will deal with the most burning topics of the future in an inspiring environment.

What is the 48forward Festival?

48forward is a platform that aims to stimulate thought and inspire action. This year's festival is therefore dedicated to three pressing challenges of our time: the global development of human rights, the future of Europe including defense strategy and the current situation with regard to cybersecurity and cyberwar.

These topics are intended to reflect not only the complexity of the global landscape, but also 48forward's commitment to sparking relevant and future-oriented discourse. The outstanding personalities expected on stage include:

  • Ebadi Program: Nobel Peace Prize winner who will share her unwavering vision for global human rights.
  • Michel Friedman: Lawyer, philosopher and journalist, known for his astute analyzes and commentary.
  • Michael Schoellhorn: CEO at Airbus Defense and Space, providing insights into the future of Europe's defense technologies and strategies.
  • Wolfgang Grupp: Entrepreneur who will share his many years of experience and perspectives on the topic of sustainable and ethical entrepreneurship.
  • Fabian Mehring: Bavarian State Minister for Digital, who will speak about defending democracy online.
  • Anu Bradford: Europe expert and professor at Columbia Law School who will discuss her research on Europe's global role.

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Actively shape the future

The festival is aimed at people who want to actively and positively shape the future. It aims to provide a space for factual debate and diverse perspectives. “We are firmly convinced that open debates about future issues are essential for democracy,” says Daniel Fürg, founder of 48forward. And further:

By bringing together different voices and perspectives, we not only want to provide information, but also develop solutions to some of the most pressing problems of our time.

In addition to the discussions on the main stage, innovative start-ups have the opportunity to present their ideas and discuss them with leading industry experts on the Start-up Stage.

About 48forward

48forward is a media network dedicated to researching future developments and their impact on society and the economy. Founded by Daniel Fürg, it offers a wide range of content, media formats and events that stimulate thought and motivate action.

Further information about the 48forward Festival 2024

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