Japanese researchers are currently developing a mobile wall that will protect against tsunamis and generate electricity at the same time. We will explain to you how such a tidal power plant works.

Each country faces different challenges due to its geographical location. While we experience high tides and floods more often in this country, tsunamis and storm surges often occur on the Japanese coast. Incredible forces hit the affected areas. But can energy also be generated from it?

Researchers at the Institute of Technology in Tokyo asked themselves this question. They recently presented a new development that could take the Asian country's energy supply to a new level.

This is the world's first self-generating, movable sea dike that uses so-called tidal energy. The approach combines coastal protection and energy generation by using the system to harness energy from the tides.

Tidal power plant: Japan relies on protective wall for ports

The researchers wanted to test their theory by examining 56 ports in Japan. There was great potential for energy generation there. Because 23 of the ports are located in areas that are threatened by tsunamis. In view of the resulting high risks, the goal is also to protect ports from such natural disasters.

At the same time, a sustainable energy source opens up. The research includes developing a model to estimate energy production from the movable sea dike. This model takes into account various factors such as tidal patterns, harbor size and depth, and the number of gates and turbines.

Example shows which forces affect our planet

The results show that some ports would be able to not only ensure the operation of the sea dike itself, but also deliver excess energy to the hinterland. What is particularly noteworthy is that this technology can be effective even in areas with relatively small tidal differences, such as those found in Japan.

In the next step, the scientists plan to further develop and test the technology to prove its efficiency and effectiveness in practice. Given the increasing threat of climate change and natural disasters, dike power plants could play an important role in protecting coastal regions and providing renewable energy.

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Source: https://www.basicthinking.de/blog/2024/01/29/japan-kraftwerk-schutzmauer/

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