Thomas Oehl, General Partner Vsquared Ventures: After training as a brewer and maltster, exiting the startup he founded while he was still studying, and two years as the number two employee of Uber in Germany, he decided to become a deep tech investor.

There could be few better locations in Germany for this VC firm. With TUM, the Fraunhofer Society, the Helmholtz Center and several other research institutions in the neighborhood, VSquared Ventures in Munich is pretty much where the company should be: in a place where – so the hope is – technological Innovations can arise.

This is exactly what Vsquared’s investors are looking for. You invest ausschließlich in europäische Deep Tech Startups. Early-stage, preferably so early, as the fund's investors themselves say, that hardly anyone else believes in the topic. They had already invested in Isar Aerospace, for example, long before the topic of New Space became big in Europe. Vsquared has now invested 400 million euros “under management”, including in companies such as Neura Robotics, the quantum computer startup IQM, The Exploration Company and the battery company Customcells.

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