A new update for Google Chrome to version “Manifest V3” could restrict popular extensions and ad blockers as early as mid-2024. The backgrounds.

If you're reading these lines, it's not at all unlikely that you're doing this via Google Chrome. Because the browser has a market share of 64 percent. So almost two out of three people access the Internet via Google Chrome. So changes to the software have a huge impact on millions of websites and users.

A little over a year ago, Google caused outrage when it wanted to switch to a new format for extensions. This version, known as Manifest V3, would have left many enhancements useless, including blocking. But Google paused the project because of the outcry.

Google Chrome: Update to Manifest V3 should come in 2024

Now the time for the old format – “Manifest V2” – seems to be over. As Google announced in a blog posting, the company wants to continue publishing the “Manifest V3” version. With Google Chrome 127, the US company wants to release its browser in beta, dev and canary versions with the new manifesto in June 2024.

This could be a problem for many extensions. Because those that are still based on version 2 are simply deactivated by the browser. A new download via the web store is then no longer possible. After the rollout in the versions mentioned, the regular version will be released.

Google Chrome will soon no longer support ad blockers

However, Google has not yet given an exact date. Experiences from the first test phases should be incorporated into development. The company also wants to roll out the changes gradually. Not every user will receive the new manifest in version 3 at the same time. A regular check of the data collected by Chrome also determines the availability of the update.

Google itself says that the changes are primarily intended to ensure the performance and security of the browser. However, many developers of extensions also see the deliberate exclusion of ad blockers and anti-tracking apps. Firefox also wants to implement Manifest V3, but promised to continue supporting popular apps such as uBlock Origin.

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Source: https://www.basicthinking.de/blog/2023/11/22/google-chrome-adblocker-2024/

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